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Indianapolis Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

If a legal error committed by your lawyer, the prosecutor or the judge during your criminal trial had a significant, harmful effect on the outcome, you may appeal. You may also appeal a verdict if you believe the evidence did not support it, or the sentence did not adhere to state or federal guidelines or the Constitution.

Appeals are challenging and cannot be filed simply because you are unhappy with the verdict. You must have credible evidence to overturn a court decision. Many attorneys do not take appellate work because of its complexity, but John L. Tompkins is an experienced appellate lawyer. He can assist you with direct appeals, interlocutory appeals and post-conviction relief (PCR). For a consultation with an Indianapolis post-conviction relief lawyer, please call 317-631-6866.

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Can You Change a Verdict or Sentence?

After the conclusion of your criminal case, you have two options:

  • If you plead guilty, you waive your right to appeal, but you can file for PCR.
  • If you are found guilty at trial, you can pursue a direct appeal or PCR.

In general, an appeal is a request for a higher court to review the record of a trial for errors that affected the outcome. New evidence is not admissible in an appeal. You can, however, enter new evidence in post-conviction litigation. The differences between appeals and PCR can be confusing. It is best to speak with an attorney about the specifics of your case.

Tell Us About Your Potential Criminal Appeal

Attorney John L. Tompkins has considerable experience with appeals and PCR litigation. He has argued interlocutory appeals up to the Supreme Court and has argued appeals before the Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court. His experience includes criminal cases involving sex crimes, drug crimes, murder, OVWI/OWI and additional offenses. To schedule a consultation, please call 317-631-6866 or contact us online.

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