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Indianapolis Child Pornography Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges such as possession, production or distribution of child pornography, you have a serious fight ahead of you. State and federal law enforcement agencies continue to aggressively investigate, arrest and charge people suspected of child pornography offenses.

lawyer shaking hands with client at courthouse

Internet Sex Crimes Have Harsh Penalties

The Law Office of John L. Tompkins provides experienced sex crimes defense against state and federal child pornography charges. The use of the Internet to view or distribute child pornography may trigger federal charges. Your attorney must be able to defend you in state and federal court. For a consultation with an Indianapolis child pornography defense lawyer, please call 317-631-6866.

Aggressive Marion County Child Solicitation Defense Lawyer

Using electronic surveillance, law enforcement agencies monitor the online activity of people who access alleged sources of child pornography, including peer-to-peer sharing sites. We will investigate the police procedure that led to your arrest. If law enforcement used entrapment, your constitutional rights may have been violated.

We may also question whether other people had access to your computer. When appropriate, we work with experts in computer forensics to investigate how the files got on your computer and demonstrate that they could have been downloaded by others.

As with any sex offense, child pornography or other Internet sex crimes can damage your reputation, even if the charges are dropped. If convicted, you may have to register on sex offender databases in Indiana and nationally. Depending on the details of the offense, you could face a prison sentence as well.

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