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What if I am charged with forgery in Indiana?

A white collar crime in Indiana can carry with it similar or worse penalties than other types of crime involving violence. An example of a white collar crime that is treated very seriously by law enforcement is forgery. For those who are facing charges related to forgery, it is imperative to understand exactly how the law views these infractions and to formulate a strong defense against the charges.

Legal help is essential for Indiana white collar crime charges

People in Indiana who find themselves engulfed in a white collar crime investigation will undoubtedly be confused and somewhat fearful. These allegations can be stunning as most people are not even aware of what constitutes a white collar crime to begin with let alone think they are actively taking part in one to the point that it leads to an arrest. In other circumstances, a person might have gotten caught up in a situation where legal violations such as fraud and bribery were taking place and were arrested because of it.

Radio host arrested as part of alleged Ponzi scheme

Due to the number of high-profile cases in which people have been arrested and convicted for taking part in them, the phrase Ponzi scheme is well-known to people in Indianapolis and across the U.S. There are numerous ways of facing allegations of taking part in these white collar crimes and those who are confronted with being part of a Ponzi scheme should be aware of the importance of formulating a strong defense from the start.

Identity theft is on the rise for business owners

A recent report by the United States Internal Revenue Service shows that while identity theft overall in the U.S. is on the decline, scams that target businesses are actually on the rise. This is frequently done through illegal and fraudulent tax filings, often through corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. The overall numbers are staggering.

What is embezzlement?

Although most criminal crimes that we hear or read about on the news are either drug crimes, drunk driving, or crimes related to violence, white collar crimes such as embezzlement are equally as serious, and could lead to very serious consequences if someone is found guilty. But what exactly, is embezzlement?

What is a Ponzi scheme?

Many of us may have heard of Ponzi schemes but might have wondered exactly what they are and the legality surrounding a Ponzi scheme. In essence, a Ponzi scheme is an illegal business practice by which money collected from new investors is used to make payments to earlier investors. A Ponzi scheme does not actually return profits to investors but instead spends cash reserves with the intention of raising more funds.

The basics of an embezzlement charge in Indiana

White collar crimes are serious charges with potentially serious consequences for individuals facing them. Embezzlement essentially results when a theft is committed by a person in a position of trust. In Indiana, embezzlement is charged as theft. How severe the theft charges are, and how harsh the punishment is, depends on the value of the property taken and the criminal history, if any, of the accused individual.

What is a Ponzi scheme and how does it differ from lawful models?

From time to time, a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme will make the news in Indianapolis. Operating a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme is a violation of Indiana law. If a person is proved in court to have operated a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, they could be sued in civil court and may face high levels of civil damages and penalties. Depending on the circumstances, they could even be accused of white collar crimes and may face fines, restitution and prison time if convicted.