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Rapper, actor and businessman accused of fraud in Indiana

Being arrested in Indiana can have a negative influence on a person's life in a legal and personal sense. It can lead to fines, incarceration, damage a person's perception in the community and cause long-term problems. This is true regardless of the reason for the arrest, including business-related charges. People who have a business and are accused of committing unfair business practices or deceptive business acts will inevitably be arrested. In such a circumstance, it is essential to understand the aspects of the case and have legal help to defend against fraud.

What is check fraud?

Indiana residents who are charged with fraud should be aware that the law treats these acts as harshly and sometimes more harshly as it does violent crimes. Fraud is something that happens frequently in Indiana and across the nation and comes in a variety of forms. One type of fraud is check fraud, also referred to as check deception. Knowing when an act constitutes check fraud and the penalties that accompany a conviction is vital to those who are accused of these violations of state law.

The definition of fraud

It is clear that financial crimes carry with them serious penalties. Fraud, in its simplest term, is defined as an offense that use dishonest or deception to gain a monetary or personal gain against someone else. While in many cases there is a paper trail and documentation highlighting the fraudulent tactics used, sometimes it could be a verbal agreement or an intentional betrayal of an agreement.

Indiana State Police employee facing felony insurance fraud

Individuals accused of crimes have important defense rights. Following a 4-month investigation, an Indianan State Police (ISP) employee is facing insurance fraud charges. The 37-year old police employee is accused of failing to change his marital status and update authorized dependents for health insurance benefits purposes. According to the allegations against him, his failure to update his marital status allowed his ex-wife and 2 children from a former marriage to remain as dependents under a health insurance plan covering Indiana State Police personnel.

Several face charges in Indiana related to alleged fraud scheme

Criminal charges require a detailed understanding of criminal laws and criminal defense rights and protections. An Indiana couple and another man from Indianapolis are facing charges related to an alleged fraud scheme involving Amazon. The fraudulent scheme allegedly involved defrauding online retailer Amazon out of $1.2 million and hundreds of electronics products which were later sold on the black market.

A brief summary of federal unfair debt collection law

When consumers do not fulfill their legal and moral responsibility to pay money that they are obligated to pay, an Indiana debt collector may contact them to discuss their responsibility to pay. Debt collectors are not allowed to use any means necessary to collect a debt, however. Debt collectors must abide by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act while they are doing their work. This blog post will provide some basic information about this federal law.