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Man faces multiple offenses after traffic stop in Indiana

A traffic stop in Indiana can quickly morph and expand into a whole slew of charges if police believe that the driver was operating under the influence. For example, a driver who is stopped on suspicion of operating while intoxicated or even commits acts that lead to potential felony OWI charges can face multiple offenses if other allegations are added. Regardless of whether it is a DWI stop or worse, having legal assistance to craft a defense is an integral part of a case.

Legal help is vital for Indiana repeat drunk driving charges

People who are arrested on drunk driving charges a second or third time will know what they are facing regardless of whether they were convicted, acquitted, came to a plea agreement or found another way to deal with the case the first time. Being charged once does not preclude a subsequent charge. People sometimes make mistakes and are charged for DUI more than once. It is also possible that the charges were not lodged fairly. Regardless, when arrested on repeat DUI or OWI offenses, it is imperative to have legal assistance, especially if the level of charges reaches felony status.

Firefighter faces drunk driving charges after fatal crash

Indiana drunk driving charges carry with them significant penalties. This is especially true if there are injuries and fatalities. These accidents can be made more complicated when they involve people who know one another or work together being involved with one as the driver and another as the victim. Regardless, law enforcement and prosecutors will treat drunk driving charges as serious acts. When there is a charge of felony OWI, it is important to speak to an attorney immediately to plan a defense.

Some of the felony OWI charges an Indiana motorist could face

As many people in Indianapolis know, when drivers are pulled over and charged with an OUI offense in many cases it is a misdemeanor that they are charged with. However, there are a number of aggravating factors that can cause a driver to be charged with felony drunk driving. This blog post will give a brief review of some of the felony OWI charges an Indiana motorist may face.

Man faces felony OWI charge after arrest

Being charged with driving under the influence in Indianapolis can result in a series of penalties that can negatively affect a person's life for the long and short term. If the charges are substantial enough, they can rise to the level of felony OWI with the accompanying consequences. There are numerous circumstances that can result in a felony drunk driving charge and those who are placed under arrest in this situation should make sure they protect themselves with legal help from the start.