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Think twice before you drink and drive

With law enforcement agencies in Indianapolis and across the country cracking down on intoxicated drivers, the last thing you want to be is on the wrong side of the law. You may have more social events to go to than usual in the coming months. When everyone is having fun enjoying good food and drinks, it can be easy for you to forget to drink in moderation and to avoid driving. 

Drinking and driving can have deadly results, and it can also prove disastrous and lead to you receiving OWI charges. This is one situation that can put a serious damper on your mood this holiday season. If you do not want to potentially end up in jail, without a driver’s license and facing additional criminal charges from a thoughtless mistake, consider the following ways you can avoid an OWI charge. 

Find a designated driver 

Even if you do not plan to drink on any particular occasion, you should have someone you can count on be your designated driver. Choose several people just in case your first or second choice is not available. Give your keys to a sober friend or hide them from yourself so you do not give in to the temptation to drink and drive. If you cannot find a sober friend, download the Uber or Lyft app to use rideshare services, hail a taxi or catch the bus. 

Wait before you leave 

Most people start to feel the effects of alcohol within the first few hours after consumption. Wait a few hours after your last sip of alcohol before you leave. During that time, eat salty foods and snacks and drink lots of water. 

Wait until you are at home 

If you are not interested in taking your chances with drinking outside of your home, do not drink until you get back home. Make sure you do not need to go anywhere for several hours to give any alcohol in your system time to dissipate. 

Driving is a big responsibility, and so is drinking. You should always make smart decisions to protect yourself and others. Obey the law, and do not take chances with behaviors that can cause you to run afoul of the law, lose your freedom or gain a criminal conviction.

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