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Firefighter faces drunk driving charges after fatal crash

Indiana drunk driving charges carry with them significant penalties. This is especially true if there are injuries and fatalities. These accidents can be made more complicated when they involve people who know one another or work together being involved with one as the driver and another as the victim. Regardless, law enforcement and prosecutors will treat drunk driving charges as serious acts. When there is a charge of felony OWI, it is important to speak to an attorney immediately to plan a defense.

A firefighter was arrested after he hit another firefighter with his car while allegedly under the influence. The incident happened when three firefighters - all volunteers - in their own vehicles and sheriff's deputies went to a different car accident. A fourth firefighter, a 26-year-old man, arrived in a Dodge Ram. He hit a vehicle that was parked and kept going. Another firefighter, a 27-year-old man, was hit as was his vehicle. The alleged drunk driver continued and hit a third vehicle. The 27-year-old was declared dead at the site of the crash. The driver's blood-alcohol level was tested and came to .21, well beyond the BAC level limit of .08. He was arrested and faces multiple offenses.

Facing felony drunk driving charges is serious. Being convicted can lead to a jail sentence, fines and long-term problems. This is particularly true when there is a fatality due to the alleged drunk driving incident. While a fatality is terrible and people who lost a loved one will have to deal with the aftermath, the person who was arrested for driving under the influence also has rights. It is easy to automatically think the person is guilty just because he or she was charged and want the harshest punishment possible, but there is still a legal right to a defense. There could be a chance at a plea bargain. There might be extenuating circumstances. A lawyer is integral to defending against felony drunk driving charges.

In this incident, firefighters were responding to an accident when a fellow firefighter arrived at the scene and had an accident, killing one of his colleagues. He was subsequently arrested for drunk driving. The accusations are significant as are the penalties. Therefore, he must make certain to lodge a strong defense with assistance from a lawyer experienced in felony drunk driving defense.

Source:, "Drunk Indiana firefighter hits, kills fellow firefighter with car, police say," Nov. 11, 2017

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