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Man arrested for drunk driving, hitting child after football game

There is an unfortunately dangerous link between sporting events, alcohol consumption and Indiana drivers operating their vehicles under the influence. A previous post delved into this relationship. People who go to these games are often excited and many are younger, adding inexperience and recklessness into the risky mix of drinking and driving. This will often lead to accidents. When there is a crash, there can be injuries and fatalities. If the driver was under the influence, that will spark drunk driving charges with the accompanying penalties. Having a lawyer to provide guidance after drunk driving charges is imperative no matter the situation.

A student from a local university was arrested after a football game when he crashed his vehicle into a child and he was deemed to have been driving under the influence. The accident happened in the parking lot after the game. The man, 22, hit the girl in a separate parking lot from the stadium's main lot. He was given a test to determine his blood alcohol content level and it was found to be .212. The man stated that he was traveling at approximately 20 to 25 mph and could not see the victim. The girl was taken to the hospital with a skull fracture. The man faces multiple offenses related to driving under the influence.

No matter the age, circumstances, BAC level or any other factor in a crash, a driver who is arrested for drunk driving must lodge a strong defense. The litany of consequences after a drunk driving conviction are substantial. There can be a loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, jail time and more. It will also negatively affect a person's standing in the community and possibly harm them as they strive to get a job or be admitted to a school. Even cases that appear clear can have nuance. Perhaps the testing protocol was not done according to the law or the machine was not working correctly. A lawyer will examine the case and formulate a defense.

In this incident, a man was arrested for drunk driving after hitting a girl in a parking lot following a football game. Although his BAC level was tested and found to be high and he hit a person with his car, that does not mean that he was automatically guilty of drunk driving. There might be a reasonable explanation or a plea bargain can be negotiated to avoid the harshest penalties. He must call a legal professional experienced in drunk driving cases and plan for a defense immediately.

Source:, "Police: Ball State student was drunk when his vehicle struck a 9-year-old," Oct. 23, 2017

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