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Alcohol's relationship with sporting events

It is no surprise many people enjoy having a beer or two at a sporting event. In fact, a report from ABC News found that approximately one out of every 12 people becomes legally drunk during these events. 

Anyone who drinks at a sporting event, or any other time, needs to stay away from a vehicle. This means people need to be mindful of how much they consume as well as pay attention to how much other people drink. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is a serious offense, and, unfortunately, many people drink more than they realize when watching a game. 

Stats related to drinking and sports

It is no secret people like to drink while cheering on the local sports team. Wired Magazine collected data about how much spectators are really drinking during games. For starters, 48 percent of people drink something while at a game. The biggest problem seems to occur during the tailgate. 82 percent of people at tailgates end up having a minimum of two alcoholic drinks. For some people, two drinks is enough to put them over the 0.08 BAC limit. Perhaps the most chilling statistic of all is that approximately 5,000 people at any professional NFL game leave legally drunk. If all those people drive themselves home, then they are putting themselves and everyone else in serious danger. 

What to do about this data

Many people do the right thing and have a designated driver when going out to a game. Some use public transportation, such as buses, taxis or ride-sharing services, to get home. However, all it takes is one drunk driver on the road to lead to a tragedy. People need to remain mindful of how much alcohol they consume when out of the house and how alcohol affects their bodies. One OWI conviction can seriously upend a person's life, and one night of fun is simply not worth it. 

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