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October 2017 Archives

Man arrested for drunk driving, hitting child after football game

There is an unfortunately dangerous link between sporting events, alcohol consumption and Indiana drivers operating their vehicles under the influence. A previous post delved into this relationship. People who go to these games are often excited and many are younger, adding inexperience and recklessness into the risky mix of drinking and driving. This will often lead to accidents. When there is a crash, there can be injuries and fatalities. If the driver was under the influence, that will spark drunk driving charges with the accompanying penalties. Having a lawyer to provide guidance after drunk driving charges is imperative no matter the situation.

Legal help is essential for Indiana white collar crime charges

People in Indiana who find themselves engulfed in a white collar crime investigation will undoubtedly be confused and somewhat fearful. These allegations can be stunning as most people are not even aware of what constitutes a white collar crime to begin with let alone think they are actively taking part in one to the point that it leads to an arrest. In other circumstances, a person might have gotten caught up in a situation where legal violations such as fraud and bribery were taking place and were arrested because of it.

Local political figure arrested on drunk driving charges

Being arrested on drunk driving charges can happen to anyone in Indiana regardless of their employment, financial situation and social status. No matter who the person is, law enforcement will act if they think there is a driver who is under the influence. Similarly, everyone has the right to a strong defense when they are arrested for drunk driving. The circumstances in these cases will often differ, but the one certainty is that drivers arrested must understand their rights from the beginning.

What are the Indiana penalties for underage DUI?

Drunk driving charges are taken seriously in Indiana regardless of the person's age. When it is a person who is driving under the influence when he or she was not even legally allowed to drink, there are different penalties assessed than for someone who is 21 or older. Those who are confronted with underage DUI should be aware that they will be subjected to various penalties just as a person who is 21. Although people who are under age 21 should know not to drink and drive, simply facing these allegations does not automatically imply guilt. With the consequences of a conviction, it is vital to formulate a defense against drunk driving charges.