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What are ignition interlock device violations in Indiana?

One of the penalties that can be assessed when an Indianan is convicted on drunk driving charges is to have an ignition interlock device placed on their vehicle. The basic premise of this device is for it to be installed on the vehicle the person owns or regularly operates. When it will be driven, the person will blow into the machine so it can determine the blood alcohol content level before the vehicle will start. It will also intermittently require that the driver blow into it to ensure that no alcohol was consumed in the interim. While it sounds simple, there are laws governing it and violations can result in other penalties.

If the person helps another person who is supposed to be using the ignition interlock device to start the vehicle by blowing into it so the vehicle will start, it is a Class A misdemeanor. This does not apply if the act is to maintain the machine and repair it or if the person who is under restriction does not drive the vehicle. If another person allows the driver who was under ignition interlock restriction to rent a vehicle or loans one to him or her that does not have the device, it is a Class A infraction. A person who is required to drive a vehicle with the ignition interlock device and drives another vehicle in an emergency must notify the court within 24 hours.

Tampering with the device is also a violation. If a person tampers with it to circumvent the device or render it inaccurate or inoperative, it will be a Class B misdemeanor. If another person is solicited to blow into the device or to start the vehicle that has an ignition interlock device to give the person who is restricted an operable vehicle, it is a Class C infraction.

The ignition interlock device is taken very seriously by law enforcement and those who can drive under the condition that they have the machine installed could face various penalties if they commit any of the above violations. Anyone helping that person can also be charged. Having assistance in a case in which these allegations are made is vital and a drunk driving lawyer can help.

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