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Two men face multiple offenses including drugged driving

Indiana drivers who are confronted with allegations of driving under the influence might find themselves facing multiple offenses if the circumstances warrant it. For example, being stopped for driving while intoxicated might lead to the officers searching the vehicle and alleging that other legal violations were being committed. This can result in penalties that go far beyond those that would generally accompany a DWI. Whether the case involves simple drunk driving or drunk driving and other charges, a conviction can cause long-term problems to a person's life and it is essential to lodge a strong defense.

Law enforcement pursued a pickup truck that was said to have been traveling at speeds of more than 100 mph. The incident occurred at around 7:30 p.m. When the vehicle stopped, officers smelled marijuana and conducted a search. They found the drug and a pistol on the passenger. He did not have a permit for the weapon. The two men, the driver age 32 and passenger age 31, were placed under arrest on several charges.

Being placed under arrest for any violation can be intimidating and worrisome. If the charges are related to DWI or go beyond that with traffic and weapons violations, it can be problematic. There can be a driver's license suspension, fines and more with the DWI. Weapons charges are more serious and can lead to extensive penalties. The combination of issues can cause a person to lose his or her freedom, have a criminal record, be limited in the types of jobs available, and not have the ability to enter the military or a secondary school. In many instances, the charges can be reduced or there might have been issues with the arrest that invalidate it. It could be possible to get an acquittal. Having legal assistance to plan for a defense is imperative in these cases.

Two men were placed under arrest for drugs. One was also charged with illegal weapons possession. Considering the level of charges these men face and the consequences for a conviction, it is vital to craft a legal defense immediately. Assistance from an attorney with a wide range of experience in criminal cases is key and is the first call that should be made.

Source:, "Caught With Pot and a Gun: Indy Men Arrested After Going 105 on I-69," Chris Davis, Sept. 4, 2017

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