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July 2017 Archives

Identity theft is on the rise for business owners

A recent report by the United States Internal Revenue Service shows that while identity theft overall in the U.S. is on the decline, scams that target businesses are actually on the rise. This is frequently done through illegal and fraudulent tax filings, often through corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. The overall numbers are staggering.

The definition of fraud

It is clear that financial crimes carry with them serious penalties. Fraud, in its simplest term, is defined as an offense that use dishonest or deception to gain a monetary or personal gain against someone else. While in many cases there is a paper trail and documentation highlighting the fraudulent tactics used, sometimes it could be a verbal agreement or an intentional betrayal of an agreement.

What is embezzlement?

Although most criminal crimes that we hear or read about on the news are either drug crimes, drunk driving, or crimes related to violence, white collar crimes such as embezzlement are equally as serious, and could lead to very serious consequences if someone is found guilty. But what exactly, is embezzlement?

A drunk driving charge should not be taken lightly

It is not uncommon for local and state authorities to find a rise in drunk driving arrests during the holidays, and the Fourth of July is no exception. Many Americans, including many from Indianapolis and surrounding area, consider the Fourth of July to be the peak of summer. The days are almost the longest all year, it's often very ho, and summer has officially begun for anyone with kids.