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Several face charges in Indiana related to alleged fraud scheme

Criminal charges require a detailed understanding of criminal laws and criminal defense rights and protections. An Indiana couple and another man from Indianapolis are facing charges related to an alleged fraud scheme involving Amazon. The fraudulent scheme allegedly involved defrauding online retailer Amazon out of $1.2 million and hundreds of electronics products which were later sold on the black market.

The fraud scheme allegedly involved the accused individuals falsely claiming electronics they ordered were not working or were damaged and received replacements at no cost. They have also been accused of creating hundreds of online identities to conceal their fraudulent activities and order placement. The accused individuals allegedly received $1.2 million in merchandise including GoPro digital cameras, Samsung smartwatches, Microsoft Xbox gaming systems and Microsoft Surface tablets.

The third party accused in the case allegedly advised the couple concerning the scheme and how to avoid detection from Amazon, laundered the funds and then provided the couple with their portion of the proceeds from the alleged fraudulent scheme. He faces charges including interstate transportation of stolen property and money laundering. The charges carry of possible penalty of 10 to 20 years in prison and $50,000 in fines. An official handling the case noted the harmful nature of the alleged consumer fraud.

Whenever an accused individual is facing criminal allegations and charges, regardless of what the crime may be, they are facing potentially harsh penalties and consequences and should ensure they have the proper guidance to navigate the criminal justice system. Their criminal defense rights, available to protect them, can be helpful when responding to criminal charges, fighting criminal charges and when negotiating a plea arrangement or the potential penalties associated with one. Accused individuals should always understand the full range of options available to them when they have been accused of a crime.

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