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Indiana State Police employee facing felony insurance fraud

Individuals accused of crimes have important defense rights. Following a 4-month investigation, an Indianan State Police (ISP) employee is facing insurance fraud charges. The 37-year old police employee is accused of failing to change his marital status and update authorized dependents for health insurance benefits purposes. According to the allegations against him, his failure to update his marital status allowed his ex-wife and 2 children from a former marriage to remain as dependents under a health insurance plan covering Indiana State Police personnel.

The man has been charged with felony insurance fraud. During the investigation, he was placed on administrative duties with pay. He was placed on administrative duties with pay pending the investigation, which was based on an anonymous tip, that resulted in the felony charges. Following his arrest for felony insurance fraud, the ISP employee was placed on administrative leave without pay. The man's authority to act as a law enforcement officer has been suspended and he faces termination.

Insurance fraud charges can have a significant impact on the personal and professional life of the accused individual. Felony charges in general are more severe than lesser, misdemeanor, charges and carry stiffer potential penalties. The consequences of a felony charge can be harsh. As a result, individuals accused of a felony crime or fraud charge should be familiar with criminal defense methods, procedures and rights.

As always, each accused individual, regardless of the criminal charges they are facing, has the right to defend themselves against the charges. It is essential that individuals who have been accused of a crime are aware of the protections afforded to them through the criminal justice process.

Source:, "Indiana State Police employee arrested on insurance fraud charge," June 13, 2017

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