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Indiana police detective arrested for drunk driving

Individuals accused of committing crime should be familiar with their criminal defense rights. In an Indiana community north of Indianapolis, a police detective was recently arrested for drunk driving. The police detective was placed on paid leave and his driving privileges were suspended after his recent arrest for charges including Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and Operating a Vehicle with an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to at Least .08 but Less than .15. The police detective was suspected of driving while impaired when authorities found him asleep in his vehicle.

The arresting officer reported that the police detective was swaying and had watery and bloodshot eyes. The breath test allegedly revealed that the police detective had a blood alcohol content level of .101 which later registered as .096 when a chemical test was conducted. The police detective noted that he had not been drinking but was diabetic and had taken an insulin shot in his back.

Drunk driving charges are serious charges and can result in significant personal, professional and financial consequences for individuals accused of driving while impaired. Accused individuals can face license suspension, fines, time in jail and a host of other personal and professional challenges associated with being accused of a drunk driving offense. As a result, it is important to understand the resources available through the criminal justice process to challenge different aspects of drunk driving charge as it relates to the accused individual's circumstances.

The criminal justice process affords individuals accused of crimes the right to challenge the criminal charges they are facing and the evidence that is alleged against them. It is important for accused individuals to be aware of these rights and how they can form the basis of a strong criminal defense strategy.

Source:, "Fort Wayne detective arrested for drunk driving," June 14, 2017

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