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Criminal defense options help those accused of multiple DWIs

This blog recently discussed the potential penalties and consequences for drunk driving in Indiana. Penalties and consequences for drunk driving can be increasingly serious depending on the situation and circumstances. It is important for individuals accused of impaired driving in Indiana to understand how to respond to drunk driving charges, especially if they have multiple offenses, to avoid increasingly negative penalties and consequences.

Repeat drunk driving offenses can quickly graduate into even more serious consequences and penalties. Repeated offenses for drinking and driving may be charges as felonies in some circumstances or they may not be considered felonies but do result in mandatory jail time. For a second drunk driving offense, the accused individual can receive 5 days jail or 180 hours of community service and for a third drunk driving offense, the accused individual can receive 10 days in jail or 380 hours of community service.

In some circumstances, a drunk driving offense may be charged as a felony, including if the offense is within 5 years of an earlier drunk driving offense; a minor under 18 was in the car or a child under 6 was in the car; or the accused individual caused injury or death or fled from the police using a vehicle. In addition to incarceration, individuals accused of drunk driving in Indiana may also lose their driver's license.

Because individuals accused of drunk driving in Indiana may be subject to harsh penalties including incarceration, it is important for them to understand how to develop a strong criminal defense strategy based on the situation and circumstances of their situation. Accused individuals have important criminal defense rights to be aware of which may be what stands between them and threats to their freedom and future.

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