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June 2017 Archives

Indiana State Police employee facing felony insurance fraud

Individuals accused of crimes have important defense rights. Following a 4-month investigation, an Indianan State Police (ISP) employee is facing insurance fraud charges. The 37-year old police employee is accused of failing to change his marital status and update authorized dependents for health insurance benefits purposes. According to the allegations against him, his failure to update his marital status allowed his ex-wife and 2 children from a former marriage to remain as dependents under a health insurance plan covering Indiana State Police personnel.

Indiana police detective arrested for drunk driving

Individuals accused of committing crime should be familiar with their criminal defense rights. In an Indiana community north of Indianapolis, a police detective was recently arrested for drunk driving. The police detective was placed on paid leave and his driving privileges were suspended after his recent arrest for charges including Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and Operating a Vehicle with an Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to at Least .08 but Less than .15. The police detective was suspected of driving while impaired when authorities found him asleep in his vehicle.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

Many of us may have heard of Ponzi schemes but might have wondered exactly what they are and the legality surrounding a Ponzi scheme. In essence, a Ponzi scheme is an illegal business practice by which money collected from new investors is used to make payments to earlier investors. A Ponzi scheme does not actually return profits to investors but instead spends cash reserves with the intention of raising more funds.

Several face charges in Indiana related to alleged fraud scheme

Criminal charges require a detailed understanding of criminal laws and criminal defense rights and protections. An Indiana couple and another man from Indianapolis are facing charges related to an alleged fraud scheme involving Amazon. The fraudulent scheme allegedly involved defrauding online retailer Amazon out of $1.2 million and hundreds of electronics products which were later sold on the black market.

Can roadside sobriety tests be challenged in OWI defense?

Imagine this scenario: You are pulled over for suspected drunk driving by a police officer. The officer asks you to complete three roadside sobriety tests. Typically, field sobriety tests include the horizontal gaze nystagmus, to detect involuntary eye movement, the walk and turn, to test coordination, and the one-leg stand, to check balance. How would you do performing these tasks?

Criminal defense options help those accused of multiple DWIs

This blog recently discussed the potential penalties and consequences for drunk driving in Indiana. Penalties and consequences for drunk driving can be increasingly serious depending on the situation and circumstances. It is important for individuals accused of impaired driving in Indiana to understand how to respond to drunk driving charges, especially if they have multiple offenses, to avoid increasingly negative penalties and consequences.