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The NBA playoffs are upon us, and the baseball and pro soccer seasons are in full swing. Many people in Indiana choose to enjoy these games with beer and other alcoholic beverages. People who partake and then drive may find that they are stopped by the police and accused of operating under the influence.

Recently we discussed some of the reasons that drinking and sports seem to go hand in hand. You can bet that the police are aware of the connection and have extra patrols out to look for people that they claim are driving under the influence or driving with a blood alcohol content greater than is permissible. Although most people agree that drunk driving needs to be stopped, most would also agree that those not actually guilty of drunk driving should not be convicted of it. And everyone agrees that the fundamental constitutional rights of defendants must be respected throughout the process.

Contrary to popular opinion, OUI cases can be fairly legally complex, and it can be important to have an experienced legal counsel who is knowledgeable and experienced. Defense attorney John L. Tompkins is just such a lawyer. His experience in dealing with clients' OUI prosecutions means that he can take cases of any level of complexity and fight them every step of the way.

In addition to fines and other traditional criminal penalties, those being prosecuted for OUI may face the suspension of their driver's license. We understand how problematic this can be and we can present clients with their options to try to mitigate the negative effects of a license suspension. We can be reached by telephone or online to schedule a consultation. For more information, please see the drunk driving page on our firm's website.

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