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April 2017 Archives

What is a Ponzi scheme and how does it differ from lawful models?

From time to time, a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme will make the news in Indianapolis. Operating a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme is a violation of Indiana law. If a person is proved in court to have operated a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, they could be sued in civil court and may face high levels of civil damages and penalties. Depending on the circumstances, they could even be accused of white collar crimes and may face fines, restitution and prison time if convicted.

A brief summary of federal unfair debt collection law

When consumers do not fulfill their legal and moral responsibility to pay money that they are obligated to pay, an Indiana debt collector may contact them to discuss their responsibility to pay. Debt collectors are not allowed to use any means necessary to collect a debt, however. Debt collectors must abide by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act while they are doing their work. This blog post will provide some basic information about this federal law.

The brain game: A look at why we drink at sporting events

Whether you're attending a playoff game or simply attending a sporting event for a local team, chances are you'll see people enjoying a beer or other alcoholic beverage. In fact, you may be one of those people. Drinking at sporting events in as commonplace as fans, but this fact raises two questions:

Man faces felony OWI charge after arrest

Being charged with driving under the influence in Indianapolis can result in a series of penalties that can negatively affect a person's life for the long and short term. If the charges are substantial enough, they can rise to the level of felony OWI with the accompanying consequences. There are numerous circumstances that can result in a felony drunk driving charge and those who are placed under arrest in this situation should make sure they protect themselves with legal help from the start.

Can you refuse a breath test during a drunk driving stop?

Save for a few exceptions, there is a constitutional right against warrantless searches and seizures. Yet many drivers are still uncertain how that right plays out in the context of a drunk driving stop, particularly regarding breath or blood tests.

Does a drunk driving arrest, first offense, implicate jail time?

In Indiana, the offense of drunk driving is called operating while intoxicated. Yet drunk drivers are not always charged with OWI. Depending on several factors, an experienced drunk driving defense attorney may be able to negotiate a more favorable plea with prosecutors. Specifically, an attorney might negotiate for the lesser charge of reckless driving, in place of OWI.