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Operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVWI) is always a serious charge, but repeat offenses have even greater consequences. If you already have an OVWI conviction on your record, you must act quickly to fight subsequent charges.

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At The Law Office of John L. Tompkins, we have experience with complex OVWI/OWI cases, including those involving repeat offenses and felony charges. We thoroughly investigate each case, preparing for trial from the start. When you need a lawyer to fight vigorously for you, speak with our firm. For a consultation with an Indianapolis felony OWI attorney, please call 317-643-6278 or 866-212-4160.

A Conviction Can Send You To Jail

Repeat OWI offenses may or may not be felonies, but they will result in mandatory jail time:

  • For a second offense, you can be sentenced to five days in jail or 180 hours of community service
  • For a third offense, you can be sentenced to 10 days in jail or 380 hours of community service

An OWI offense may be charged as a felony for reasons such as:

  • It is a subsequent offense within five years of a prior OWI conviction
  • A minor under 18 was in the car
  • A child under six was in the car
  • You caused an injury or death
  • You fled the police using your vehicle

In repeat or felony OWI cases, it is especially critical that you do not plead guilty. You have the right to contest the charges and to consult an attorney. Your criminal record and your driving privileges may depend on an aggressive, strategic defense.

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