Indiana mother faces admits to selling illicit photos of her children

A woman from Indiana is pleading guilty to federal sex crime charges. The charges allege that the woman accepted money from a person in exchange for using her children in pornographic photos.

Court records indicate that one child was approximately 6 to 18 months old and, and the other was between 3 and 5 years of age. Authorities claim that the mother let a person capture pornographic pictures of her two girls.

The guilty plea was pursuant to a plea bargain, which was offered to the defendant. According to the deal, the woman must plead guilty to "selling a child for production of pornography" and other related offenses. With this agreement, the woman faces 30 years in prison for her purported actions.

Child pornography charges

Authorities regularly monitor the online activity of those who browse child pornography online. This includes peer-to-peer sharing of websites. While this is legal for authorities to do, if investigators used entrapment-based practices to narrow in on a suspect, the defendant's constitutional rights could have been violated. If this is true, important Fourth Amendment issues come into play, which could potentially exclude incriminating evidence from the prosecution's case.

Moreover, just because the illegal material exists on a person's computer, he or she may not be liable for the child pornography. For example, if another person had regular access to the suspect's computer, this could change the course of the criminal investigation. Many defense lawyers work with computer forensic experts to investigate how files appeared on a person's computer.

Sex crime charges are serious

In the end, sex crimes, including child pornography or other egregious charges, can significantly affect a suspect's life. The accusation, alone, can wreak havoc on a person's reputation. This is true even when an allegation results in dropped charges.

Convicted offenders in Indiana may be required to register on sex offender databases in state and other areas of the United States. Moreover, depending on the nature of the particular offense, offenders may be ordered to several years in prison.

If you have been charged with a sex crime offense, you may benefit from legal assistance. Regardless of the type of sex crime charge, you are bound to face an uphill battle. If convicted, the consequences could compromise your finances, reputation, job and more. To learn more about your particular case and your options moving forward, contact a criminal defense professional in your area.